Introducing Dsmile Professionals:

Revolutionise Dental Care in Your Practice and Redefine the Oral Health Journey

Embrace the Future Of Oral Health: Dsmile Professionals

Become a Dsmile Professional and join the movement reshaping the oral health journey globally. Stock Dsmile oral health products in your practice and recommend them to your patients for improved outcomes and overall well-being. Let’s make a positive impact on the community and environment together!

Create a Dental Practice That Excels

Imagine a dental practice where patients are genuinely excited to maintain their oral health, and you play a key role in supporting their journey. As a Dsmile Professional, you’ll have access to an innovative, sustainable, and award-winning home care system that will not only benefit your patients but also elevate your practice’s reputation and profits.

Dsmile Solutions: Redefining The Oral Health Journey

As a Dsmile Professional, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Practice Management: Receive a Dsmile Professionals Practice Manual, marketing and visual merchandising pack, and patient email communication support.
  • Comprehensive Support: Onboarding support, access to our Partner Clinic Portal, and ongoing assistance from the Dsmile Professionals team.
  • Financial Incentives: Discounted products for use and resale.
  • Knowledge and Training: Stay informed with the latest clinical research, best practices, and clinical training.
  • Enhanced Profile: Listing on the Dsmile Professionals website, patient referrals, and opportunities for future partnerships.
  • Community Engagement: Provide feedback on new products, and receive invitations to Dsmile events.

* The level of support received depends on the amount of Dsmile products purchased


Dsmile Solutions: Redefining The Oral Health Journey

The Dsmile oral health journey supports at-home dental care habits by providing:

  1. Superior and Convenient Product: Dsmile solutions aim to change habits by encouraging customers to engage in their oral health care routine for better oral health outcomes.
  2. Dentist-Patient Partnership: Partner with clinics and clinicians to work with patients, setting clear goals to improve oral health routines at home. Provide clinics and providers with product solutions that help with habit change for better oral health outcomes.
  3. Better Communication and Advice: Offer patient communication through timely reminder emails, educational tips and videos, and dental advice to encourage patients to continue their improved at-home oral health routine.

Dsmile Professionals aims to reshape the oral health journey globally.

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As a practising clinician of twenty years, the appeal of Dsmile for me lies in the fact that it is a professionally designed system for oral care. It is a quality, home-delivered, no fuss answer to patient oral hygiene needs that will never again allow my patients to offer the excuse that they ran out of product! Not only does it close the loop between the in-clinic preventive care visit and the home care routine, but it also provides a consciously designed behavioural prompt as it sits proudly on your bathroom bench top.

Sarah Laing Oral Health Specialist
Sarah Laing

As an Oral Health Therapist, I love having the peace of mind that my patients are using safe and effective products. I have found that the brush floss rinse routine has helped with homecare compliance of my patients and therefore I have seen a general improvement in their oral health. I also love the fact that the products are Australian and sustainably made.

Sarah Trainer Oral Health Specialist
Sarah Trainer

The visual aesthetics of the Dsmile products are not only a great addition in the bathroom, but also help to encourage the whole family to brush, rinse and floss. Patients have reported improvements in oral hygiene behaviours and are particularly loving the taste of the Dsmile toothpaste. With three easy steps, these products are what everyone needs to add to their bathroom and oral hygiene routine.

Annie Pham  Oral Health Specialist
Annie Pham