Celebrating National Smile Day

We are celebrating National Smile Day today by sharing our top 3 smile moments from this year so far…

The year is flying by here at Dsmile and we’ve hardly had a chance to look back on what we have achieved so far. Given it’s National Smile Day we think it’s the perfect time to look back on the moments that have put a smile on our face this year so far.

Whilst we know we have created a very special product and system, it is great to know we aren’t the only ones who think so!
Since Dsmile’s launch in October 2022, we have won 5 awards, accrediting Dsmile’s beautiful design, commitment to the environment and innovation. Winning these awards came as a humble surprise to Dr Joe and the Dsmile team and has inspired us to continue to achieve better oral health outcomes for patients through innovation and design.

Amongst these awards are the following:

🏆 Winner
Good design awards 2021 – product design for houseware and objects
🏆 Winner
Melbourne design awards 2021 – product design for personal use
🏅 Finalist
Victorian premier’s design awards 2021 – product design
Our latest award was Gold in the Production Packaging Innovations category at the Health, Beauty & Wellness Packaging Design of the Year awards 🏆
“Intelligently designed and beautifully crafted, Dsmile’s three-step formula offers a new approach to everyday dental care.”
More than anything else – winning these awards has proved that great, innovative design does not have to come at a cost to the environment.

Clinical Trial Results
We couldn’t wait to share some of our clinical test results with you. A clinical trial has been performed to test the effectiveness of our oral health solution in altering habits and improving oral health.

In 2021, approx. 150 patients were gifted Dsmile Systems, these were regular patients with low compliance across 5 trial clinics.
Based on a sample of patients taking part of an initial clinical trial*, we saw the following results

96% oral health improvements (Bleeding Points and/or Plaque Scores)
67% decreased in both Bleeding Points and Plaque Scores
84% decreased Plaque Scores only
80% decreased Bleeding Points only

Impressively, 85% of participants are more satisfied with their at-home dental routine after using Dsmile

Patient Call Comments
We have found that the best way to get feedback from our customers is to chat with them directly. We’d love to share some smile-inducing feedback that we have collected by calling some customers who have tried our Dsmile Kits.

Really happy with products, reports flossing daily!
Patient is now brushing x2 daily and was previously only brushing x1 daily. They are now flossing a few times a week- they are working on building the habit of everyday. Before they were only doing it once every few months if food were to get caught between teeth.
Patient has seen significantly less bleeding of their gums when they floss nowadays. They are very happy with the dsmile system
Patient thinks her OH routine has improved and is flossing more often, a few times a week.
Patient loves the look of the Dsmile Kit on her bench, “makes me feel fancy when I’m brushing”. Has increased flossing from 2x weekly to every second night.

Dsmile Care

One last thing to smile about, is our progress with Dsmile Care. Dsmile care is a 100% not-for-profit launched by Dr Joseph Badr in 2020. It is a free, not-for-profit online dental health service designed to give Australians support, trusted dental advice over the phone and where necessary video calls. Dsmile Care also offers free dental health education, advice and support. We are certainly smiling over the fact that we have over 3,000 hours volunteered to date.

So there we have it! A quick wrap up of our top 5 smile-makers this year. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @dsmile.oralhealth to stay in touch.

If you have any feedback for us please feel free to get in touch, or if you are interested in experiencing the benefits from our Dsmile Kits for yourself and your patients find out more here.