Introducing the New Dsmile Interdental Range

Dsmile’s Interdental Range

The new range of Dsmile interdental brushes professionally developed by Periodontist Dr Simon Hinckfuss, aim to bring the benefits of interdental brushes while minimising their impact on the environment.

How to use interdental brushes

(for general use, braces and clear aligners)

General use

Clear Aligners


Importance of using interdental brushes:

Interdental brushes are designed to effectively clean the spaces between teeth, removing plaque and debris that regular toothbrushes often miss. By incorporating these brushes into a daily oral care routine, patients can experience more effective interdental cleaning and remarkable improvements in their gum health.

Why might your patients need to incorporate interdental brushes into their daily routine?

  • Patients with wider spaces or gaps between their teeth.
  • Patients with poorer manual dexterity, or who struggle to floss.
  • Periodontal patients
  • Patients with complex prosthodontic work, such as all-on-four.
  • To clean hard to reach areas such as braces, fixed retainers, dental bridges and implants.

Features of the Dsmile interdental brushes:

  • Simple, easy to use system
  • Professionally developed
  • 6 sizes and colours
  • Soft tapered bristles
  • Durable wires
  • Thick handles
  • Sustainable biodegradable packaging
  • Recyclable through Terracycle

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The professional box

Our professional interdental box is designed for practitioners for in-chair use.

Used to determine and recommend which sizes are right for your patients.